5 Reasons Fall is One of Our Favorite Times To Hit the Lake

With summer break winding down (or dare we say, even over!) it can be easy to hang up our swimsuit sand ZUP Boards for the season. We all get back to our regular routines, stick closer to home, and settle in for the fall. But in most parts of the country, the weather stays nice for another month or two and call us crazy, but we love spending that extra time out on the water. Do we still have your attention?! (we thought so!)

Here are our top 5 reasons we love Fall riding!

  1. Less traffic (and we don't mean on the road!) - Heading out on the water once school is back in session means you have a lot more space to yourself for riding.
  2. Scenery - Depending on where you are located, the fall colors can be incredibly inspiring as you ride. Not to mention they make for some beautiful backdrops to your latest tricks!
  3. Mix up your routine! - Heading back to school and work after a summer of fun vacations doesn't have to mean all the fun has to end. Keep your weekends fun for the whole family by taking the boat out for a few more spins.
  4. Fight the Blues - By easing back into your routine (ahem, and by easing we mean continuing to ride! #weekendwarrior!), it is less of a shock than if you suddenly stop your summer activities all at once. It gives you something to look forward to once the weekend rolls around!
  5. (slightly) Cooler temperatures - While we love the heat of the summer, we can certainly appreciate the slightly cooler temperatures found on the water during the Fall season. The dropper temperatures means you aren't melting when you aren't the one behind the boat, which is a win in our book. Just don't forget your sunscreen! The sun is just as powerful this time of year and you will get burned if you don't protect your skin.