Pass The Handle: A ZUP Family Tradition!

When it comes to teaching people how to ride behind a boat, we have created some pretty great products to help make it easier. Which means more people have fun out on the water, right? Well, that is what drives us to continue to innovate for YOU, which is why we couldn't be happier to promote this great cause every year: Pass the Handle. This annual celebration inspires people to bring new people to water sports and we know that as ZUP fanatics this is a cause that you can get behind as well. This weekend is the big push to help share your love of water sports with your friends and family, but don't let it stop there. Continue sharing the love all summer long! And tag @zupboards and @passthehandle in all your photos on social media. We want to see lots of smiling faces out on your favorite ZUP Board this summer!

And if you are looking for a few tips to share with your novice friends and family, our friend Zane Schwenk is sharing his top tips below.