Quality Control: It's A Tough Job...

...but somebody's gotta do it, right?!

Creating boards that everyone can enjoy is our passion and what gets us excited to go to work every day. Especially on the days when quality control is "needed!" Spending time perfecting every last detail of each and every board is the key to our success and we know that you will appreciate it when you get up on your first try! 

With the launch of our new boards, this past year has been spent out on the water to make sure we are bringing you the very best products. Our QC process is very technical and requires a number of our team members to clock dozens of hours making sure they are ready to bring to market. Okay, maybe the process isn't all that technical, but we do ensure that we have worked out all the kinks before launching them for you all to use on your own boats. 

Don't forget to share photos of your ZUP experience on social media by tagging #ZUPtime! We can't wait to see you enjoying the water with everyone on the boat!