What's On Your Summer Bucket List? Here's A Peek At Ours...

Memorial Day means summer is just around the corner. Soon schools all over the country will be setting their students free for a few glorious months of fun in the sun. At ZUP HQ we are big fans of getting outdoors and one of our favorite ways to make sure we squeeze as much fun out of summer as we can, is to create a summer bucket list. (anyone else?) Not only does this help us stay active and adventurous all summer long, but it makes us excited to wake up everyday to see what fun the day has in store for us. And the best part? The opportunities are ENDLESS!!

Here is the beginning of our 2017 list, but trust us...
we are just getting started! 


    1. Have a water balloon fight
    2. Do a cannonball off the dock
    3. Set up a hammock to read our favorite summer books
    4. Attend an outdoor music festival
    5. Go white water rafting
    6. Run through the sprinklers on a hot day
    7. Roast marshmallows over a backyard firepit
    8. Do a technology detox for a whole weekend
    9. Bake strawberry rhubarb pie
    10. Practice our 360s on the DoMore 1.5 ZUP Board
    11. Fly a kite
    12. Grill peaches for an afternoon BBQ treat (top with coconut whipped cream!)
    13. Turn a regular BBQ into a special occasion by adding sparklers at dusk
    14. Grow tomatoes in our back yard
    15. Collect seashells at the beach
    16. Have a summer dance party in our back yard
    17. Help our kids and friends master the YouGotThis 2.0 ZUP Board!
    18. Make homemade ice cream (or nice cream like this!)
    19. Play frisbee at the beach or a local park
    20. Go to a 4th of July parade
    21. Have an outdoor family game night
    22. Stargaze in the back yard