DoMore Board (with foil holes)


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Take it to the next level with our advanced DoMore Board. This board takes everything you love about the YouGotThis Board and supercharges it. With a compression molded construction, this board is very responsive edge to edge. It can be ridden more aggressively than YouGotThis, but can be equally as chill. Want to wake surf, turn quicker, spin faster, and jump higher?This is the board for you!



Take your riding to the next level with the DoMore 2.0 Board. This board takes everything you love about the YouGotThis2.0 and super charges it! Want to turn quicker, spin faster and jump higher? This board is for you! Optional large fin pack (not included) lets you customize your ride even more.

  • For Intermediate to Advanced riders
  • Top-Down Fins for enhanced tracking. Fins can be removed and larger fins (optional add-on) can be inserted
  • Comfortable, non-skid EVA foam padding, allows for multiple foot positions anywhere on the board.
  • Easy slip-in Multifunctional Foot Straps, that are also Elbow Pads & Kneepads as needed
  • Lightweight, Compression-Molded Fiberglass Construction; Responsive hydrodynamics on a neutrally buoyant board
  • Integrated Side handles & Tow Hook

Length 59"
Width 25"
Height 4"
Weight  15 lbs.
Weight Limit 300 lbs.
Construction Foam Core Fiberglass

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