Paddlemore iSUP Seat


This inflatable seat allows riders, from grandma on down, to hop on the SUP and ride in multiple different positions with ease! This seat takes the fatigue out of riding, making it possible for countless people to enjoy the sport that could not before!

Features a mesh top, soft sides for added comfort, and a mesh pocket to hold small gear or drink! Easily inflate the PaddleMORE Seat with a standard dropstitch style valve, and quickly tie into the Z-Hook Anchor System on ZUP’s Stand-Up Paddleboards. Also includes Velcro straps which allows it to be used on virtually ANY other SUP.

  • Ride in multiple positions
  • Mesh top & soft sides
  • Mesh pocket
  • Standard dropstitch style valve
  • Uses Z-Hook anchor system on ZUP’s Stand-Up Paddleboard;Or, Velcro straps allow it to also be used on virtually ANY other SUP.


Z-Hook Anchor System

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