Now you can add your yacht name
to your Standup Paddleboard.

Unlike any other Standup Paddleboard

The iSUP System from ZUP

This inflatable SUP combo has absolutely everything you need to maximise your paddleboarding experience. The paddleboard is designed to work easily with our Inflatable “Seat”, by providing four central anchor points; allowing for quick attachment of the Seat. Double-layer construction makes this board extremely durable. The narrowed nose allows for easy cutting through the water while a wide tail area creates a very stable platform. Comes with inflatable seat, paddle, pump, quick connect fin, and leash.




The PaddleMore iSeat

Included in our iSUP combo is the new inflatable seat accessory. This seat is a wold's first. It allows the rider to sit, kneel, or stand, depending on what’s comfortable for them. It is a far more comfortable ride, especially for those less experienced or timid riders. Now even grandparents can join in on the fun! With the cushioned mesh top, even in choppy water you can be comfortable and not slide around. This is such a game changer, you'll never want to ride without it.



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The best new water sport on the market, hands down. This is going to be your new secret weapon in fun for ALL ages!


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