Now you can add your yacht name
to your iZUP board.

The Best New Watersports Board.
Designed Specifically for Charters.

The iZUP System

The friendly inflatable! This Board system offers any rider the chance to lay, kneel, stand and so much more!

Easy for the most amateur riders, but still offering more experienced riders the ability to be challenged.

Also, you can easily tow the iZUP with any dinghy!

The DoubleZUP Tow Handle

The DoubleZUP Handle is at the core of why this system is so revolutionary. Designed to be used with any ZUP Board, this is more than your ordinary tow handle. When starting out, it now takes zero upper body strenth to get up on the water because the handle is connected directly to the tow hook. Easily detach and re-attach the handle to transition between riding styles whenever you want! Lay, kneel, stand, sit, spin, surf, etc... Most importantly, the double handle system keeps fingers away from any pinch point when attaching and detaching from tow hook.

Tow Behind Any Dinghy



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The most revolutionary innovation in Stand Up Paddle Boarding.


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