Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the right Product?

How can I find the right Product?


An Easy Ride.


Amateurs & Pros alike.


A chill ride.

How do I ride, a Zup board?

Other Questions

Who are you people and why should I trust you?!

Inspired by the desire to see everyone on our boat be successful while learning how to ride, ZUP grew out of that need to make sure everyone could participate in watersports. Daydreaming in the garage led to prototypes made from wood (don't worry, we wore helmets!), and ultimately into the brand ZUP that everyone knows and loves today. Quality, safety, and functionality are what drives us to design products that work well for all ages and abilities.

Which ZUP Board is right for me?

Do I need to register my ZUP Board?

Absolutely! You can register your products HERE.

Do I need the DoubleZUP Tow Handle

Simply put? YES! Watch our video below for our reasons why.

Will your boards fit in my boat rack?

The DoMore Board has a very thin profile and will fit into virtually any current rack. More recent boats come with a larger bungee cord that will also help accommodate its width.

The YouGotThis and YouGo Boards are thicker and really only fit into the wider kneeboard and wakesurf board racks. They are typically too thick for the typical wakeboard racks.

The Coast Board is thicker than any of our other boards and does not usually fit into any standard board racks. It is best stored in another location on your boat.

If you notice an aftermarket rack that works particularly well, we would love to hear from you!

What’s the weight limit of your boards?

COAST - 175 lbs

YouGo & YouGotThis - 350 lbs

DoMore - 300 lbs

What is your return policy and warranty?

We believe, above all else, in fun. If you, your family, or your boat friends aren't having an awesome time with your ZUP® products, we will take them back and give you a full refund.

We love to learn, so if you are having problems get in touch and we will see if we can help. We want to connect with you by phone, through chat, or by email to see if we can help you have a better time or learn how we may have let you down.

If you wish to submit a claim, click HERE.

Do you ship to Canada?

O Canada!

We have a bunch of AWESOME retailers in Canada that would be more than happy to set you ZUP! Check them out by clicking on our Retailer Map.

Unfortunately we do not ship directly to Canada from the United States. We would love to but customs brokerage isn't our forte.

Helping bring more smiles to watersports (and parents!) since 2012!

Helping bring more smiles to watersports (and parents!) since 2012!