Multi-Carry ZUP Tote Bag

$39.59 $65.99

ZUP is excited to introduce a new member to its family of multifunctional products. The Multi-Carry Tote Bag offers the perfect blend of comfort, convenience and style. With three convenient ways to carry your Boards, extremely durable construction and sweet, ZUP® coloring, this bag is sure to be a welcome addition on any water sports outing!

With this Multi-Carry Tote Bag, you can bring either ZUP Board you prefer…plus toss in your DoubleZUP Handle and Rope

    1. Designed for use with YouGotThis 2.0, DoMore, and YouGo Boards
    2. Straps on the inside of the bag allow it to be adjusted for a firm fit on any ZUP Board.
    3. Carry on Shoulder, by Hand, or as BackPack
    4. Breathable material allows your boards to air dry even when put up wet
    1. Weight: 2.5 lbs
    2. Boxed Dimensions: 22″L x 14″W x 3″H
    3. Unboxed Dimensions: 59″L x 28″W x 6″H
    4. Fabric: Polyester Blend

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