DoubleZUP Handle & Rope


Designed to be used with any ZUP Board, this is more than your ordinary tow rope. When starting out, this handle takes all of the strain out of the ride by connecting directly to the tow hook. If riders want to change up positions (e.g. kneeling to standing) the DoubleZUP handle makes it effortless to disconnect or reconnect at anytime. This allows for more flexibility in riding styles, as well as safety for riders, because there is no worry of pinched fingers thanks to the double handle design!


Double Handle system is easier and safer to disconnect and reconnect anytime during the ride. No stopping needed!

No Pinched Fingers: Unique handle system keeps riders fingers away from any pinch points

Soft float keeps the DoubleZUP right on top of the water when it comes off the board

Includes high-contrast 60’ poly-e low-stretch mainline

High-contrast colors for easy visibility in the water


Handle Width: 9” / 23cm

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