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Zup Board

Introducing the new ZUP.™ Watersports Board! ZUP.™ is a fresh easy way to have fun with all of your family & friends. What can you do? lay, kneel, stand, surf, rest, ride backwards, be creative! With your buoyant, durable molded board, everyone getZUP.™  Pull it behind any boat or jetski! Enjoy stress-free towing with the integrated tow hook and our new DoubleZUP.™ Tow Handle & Rope.

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Introducing the ZUP. board. This isn’t just a new watersport, it’s a whole new platform for showing off your creativity. There is no limit to what you can do on the ZUPboard: lay, kneel, stand, surf, ride backwards & anything else you can dreamZUP! The new DoubleZUP handle was designed with you in mind. It makes it effortless to detach and reattach to the ZUPboard when you change up your riding style or just need a break. This dynamic duo makes for the most comfortable and exciting ride you’ve ever had out on the water! This board is cutting edge (literally!) Plus, you get to experience fun on the water with all your friends and family (our favorite part!) because with this board EVERYBODY GETZUP! This artful design is one piece construction molded to have a great byoyancy and is extremely durable, making it incredibly easy to use. The ZUPboard is 58”Lx 27”W of pure awesome. Transforming watersports & revolutionizing fun for ALL!"