10 Must-Have Items For A Day On The Boat

What's the perfect remedy for beating the hot summer heat? A day out on the water, of course (if you ask us!)! And we are practically experts by now, so you can trust us! Here are our ten most essential items to pack for your next lake adventure!

Of course we want you to bring your favorite ZUP Board (duh!), but even more important than that? Snacks! A day out on the lake is tiring so be sure to fuel up with your favorite (unmeltable!) snacks like granola bars, almonds, pretzels, protein bites, peanut butter snack packs and fruit. You (and your kids!) will thank us later!

If you ask us, there's no such thing as packing too many towels! If you ask our kids, they might tell you a different story. Bring along extras so you can lounge on the beach, dry off after a ride, and clean off your kiddos before they jump back into the car at the end of the day.

Did we mention sunscreen?! This is definitely a no-brainer to keep your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun. We always use a waterproof variety and reapply it often, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the water!

There's nothing worse than having to sit too long in a wet swimsuit! After a fun (but often exhausting!) day out in the sun, you will definitely want a dry pair of clothes to wear home. You can even throw in a comfy pair of sweatpants and a change of undergarments so you can ride home in comfort.

Just like towels, you can never have too much water -- especially in the hotter months -- to keep you hydrated and satisfied. Even better if you can pack some into a cooler full of ice (so refreshing!) or an insulated water bottle!

A cooler is essential, not just for keeping your water cold, but also your snacks and sunscreen! (ZUP tip: put your sunscreen in the ice; when you reapply it will feel so refreshing rubbing icy cold sunscreen onto your sun-kissed skin!)

ZUP Boards aren't the only toys you should be packing for your day out on the boat! Throw in some tubes, wakesurfers, floating mats, floaties, noodles, and water guns in for a little extra fun out on the water!


Sometimes the best part of a day at the lake is not being IN the water, but relaxing BY the water. Especially while listening to the sound of your kids playing together in harmony (us parents can dream, right?!). Bring a good book to get lost in or even a fun game to play as a family (beach darts are our favorite!).


This is an easily overlooked necessity, but one you won't want to skip. A good dry bag will keep your phone, wallet, and camera nice and dry when not in use.  And the best part is it doesn't need to be anything fancy; a gallon size plastic zippable bag will do the trick just fine. 


Having a good vibe playlist to stream for your day out on the water is one of our favorite essentials. Whether you have a good sound system on your boat or just bring along a good bluetooth speaker you'll be set for a day of tunes. Plus! Did you know you can search for your favorite types of playlists without having to create them yourself? We personally love all things 80s music!

What do you like to bring with you for a fun day out on the water?!