4 Nonprofits That Are Changing the (Water) World!

Here at ZUP HQ, we are lucky to work every day on something we love. We feel blessed that we not only get to live our passion, but that we can contribute to such amazing causes that share our love of watersports! Check out four of our favorite nonprofit partners that are making waves in thousands of lives every single year.

1. Wake The World provides watersports opportunities to abandoned and neglected children (kids who need the healing power of being on the water the most!) Boat owners get together each year to give rides to kids who otherwise normally wouldn’t have access to a boat. Most of the kids have never been on a boat, let alone a wake board, water-ski’s, a tube or a ZUP board!

It’s the largest volunteer organization of its kind, with over 500 volunteer boat-owners putting on events all over the country. This year, there will be more than 50 events in 28 states, so check out when they’re coming your way so you can get in on the fun!

Get involved with Wake The World by volunteering, donating or hosting a local event!

2. In His Wakes is a unique ministry using water sports to give at-risk youth a chance to break down fear, build self-esteem, gain confidence and most importantly, have an unforgettable experience on the water!

Through their two flagship programs, A Day to Remember and On the Shore, they provide opportunities for troubled kids to spend a day on the water (complete with swimming, boat rides, knee boarding, water skiing and wake boarding!) They also travel annually to mentor young water sports competitors and offer scholarships to athletes looking to use their passion to change the world.

Get involved with In His Wakes by contributing to their cause, volunteering, or attending of their local events!

3. Above The Wake was started with the intent to give positive experiences on the water to children affected by autism. They aim to teach kids how to successfully navigate water sports to aid in recovery and increase quality of life (and put a big smile on a child’s face!)

With a focus on the child and not the disability, Above The Wake works with the kids to set the goal. Whether it’s to enjoy a gentle tube ride, to stand up on a ZUP board, or to paddle in a kayak, there is no feat too big or small. 

Get involved with Above The Wake by donating, volunteering as a crew member or staying up to date on their latest 2018 events!

4. Wake On Water aims to spend quality time with teenagers in an environment where they are supported and cared about. Wakeboarding, water skiing, ZUP boarding and other water activities provide the perfect setting to teach teens about life’s challenges and stimulate open and honest discussions about life, faith, and the pressures of being a teen in today’s world.

Get involved with Wake on Water by following them on Facebook!