All The Juicy Details About The Brand New DoMore™ 1.5 Board!

Though our boards make it easier for EVERYONE to ride, we don't only cater to beginners. If you are a seasoned pro behind the boat and are looking for a fun all-in-one board to show off your skills, the DoMore 1.5 is the perfect board for you! (even better, it comes in two colorful patterns: hexagon and tropical!) 

If you know anything about us, you know we don't just talk the talk. So what makes the DoMore 1.5 board such a hit? Follow along...

The DoMore 1.5 allows you to do just that: MORE! It has a slimmer profile than our other boards for improved maneuverability, key for performing tricks and 360s. Give it a spin and be sure to tag us on Instagram using #ZUPstyle! We can't wait to see your moves!