How Our ZUP Partners Embody the #PassTheHandle Mantra Every Single Day

When we were first inspired to create the original ZUP Board (shout out to all the garage inventors out there!), we did it because we wanted everyone, regardless of ability, to be able to enjoy a day out on the boat. Being able to "ride," in whatever way you like (lay, kneel, stand, surf!) can have such an amazing effect on your confidence, and we were tired of seeing riders frustrated because they couldn't master skis or the wakeboard.

Fast forward a few years and we are so grateful to be able to partner with so many incredible organizations supporting and encouraging our youth every single day. This Sunday we celebrate #PassTheHandle day, which began as a way for us all to share our passion for watersports with others, and has grown into a global phenomenon. Since our partners are the perfect example of this special day, we figured it would be a great opportunity to highlight all the great work they are doing and we would be so grateful if you show them all a little love.

Wake the World

Wake the World began as a way to provide watersports opportunities to abandoned, abused, and neglected children, the handicapable, and our brave wounded warriors. With the help of folks like you (yes YOU!), they host events all across the country to do just that. This year alone, they will host more than 40 events across 28 states and Canada. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those they support really is indescribably for us, which is why we are so grateful to partner with them whenever we can. If you are interested in learning more head right this way to donate, volunteer, or event host your very own event (don't worry, they make it super easy!)!


In His Wakes

 In His Wakes is a one-of-a-kind ministry that encourages folks to "get off the dock!" with three fun and unique programs. The 'Day to Remember' program provides at-risk youth with the opportunity to spend the day on the water while also recognizing that their lives have purpose, leading to a truly transformative experience. On the Shores offers support to junior watersports competitors in the form of mentoring and academic scholarships. And their final program involves traveling to both amateur and professional watersports events to share worship services. Your support of this great organization is appreciated in whatever form that may be for you.  


Wake on Water

Wake on Water uses the fun of watersports to teach valuable lessons to teens, aged 11 through college-age, in a Christian-based setting. These life lessons include everything from relationships and trust, faith and hope. We have seen their great work impact the lives of so many young people, that we were thrilled to be able to participate in some of their incredible events. Interested in donating, volunteering, learning more? They would sure appreciate it!


Above the Wake

With a mission like theirs, we are positive that they change lives every time they hit the water. They "create positive experiences on the water for children with autism and cognitive delays, breaking down stigmas and unleash potential for greatness through individual teaching moments." Pretty awesome stuff, right?! Their Wake Program is incredible, and we are grateful to have been a part of it over the past several years. Your support would go a long way with this great organization. Head right over here to donate and learn more

All of these organizations are influencing our youth in such a fun and engaging way. They truly encapsulate what #PassTheHandle day is all about. Are you participating in Pass the Handle this year? Be sure to tag us @ZupBoards and #PassTheHandle on social media and share your love for watersports with someone new this Sunday!