Why We Invented the DoubleZUP™ Handle & Tow Rope!

When we invented the very first ZUP Board, we wanted to create a way for everyone on the boat to enjoy a day out on the water. Because you ride our boards just about any way you'd like, we feel like we have definitely accomplished that. But one key element of a safe and fun day on the boat when using our ZUP Boards is the DoubleZUP™ Handle and Tow Rope. It really is in a class by itself when it comes to versatility and safety. But the real reason we invented the DoubleZUP™ Handle and Tow Rope is because we care about YOU.
And YOU told us all of the things that were important to you when it came to spending time out on the water.

DoubleZUP™ Handle & Tow Rope Features:


1.  SAFETY First - No pinched fingers, as is possible with old single handle tow bars.

2.  Never get BORED!  Easy on and off, so you can change to new positions on the fly.

3.  Never get TIRED!  Hook our handle to your board and take a REST to dream up the next fun idea!

4.  Never get FREAKED out looking for Handle in the water! It FLOATS and has highly visible colors!

5.  Ride SUCCESSFULLY, First Pull Every Pull.

6.  StressFREE pulls to Start your ZUP rides. NO upper body strength needed to get Zup and going.