Wondering What To Tow Your ZUP Board With? We've Got You!

Let's be honest, it's more difficult to find a boat that doesn't tow our boards, than ones that do. But just because we like making things easy for our friends (that's you!), we are breaking it all down for you today. 

The great thing about the ZUP Boards, well one of many really, is that compared to towing other products it is considerably easier. How? Well, we all know that the hardest part of towing a rider is the very initial stage, when the rider has the majority of their body under water along with the majority of the board, creating drag. This means that the boat needs to do a lot of work in order to get the rider up and 'on plane.' With our boards, 3/4 of the rider's body is on the board rather than under water, with their weight evenly dispersed across the board. And since our boards are naturally more buoyant, the boat doesn't experience as much drag and can get the rider up and moving with ease. 

What is the minimum horsepower needed to tow a ZUP Board?

This is a commonly asked question so we wanted to give it to you straight. The reality is that this is a loaded question, so answering with a single number isn't necessarily helpful. So we like to ask if you haver ever towed a rider behind your boat before. If the answer is yes and you have towed a rider while doing 12-15 MPH, then that is really all you need from a power perspective to get a ZUP Board going. 

If you are in the market for a new boat but aren't sure where to get started, Discover Boating has a great resource for all categories of boats: Bowriders, Deck Boats, Inboard Ski & Wakeboard, Personal Watercraft, and Pontoons are all covered. Check them out!

Do you still have questions about whether your boat can 'hang?' Feel free to chat with us below!