Our Favorite Ways to Inspire Adventure in Your Kids

Travel and adventure are two things with the biggest impact on us as humans. Not only do we get to have fun, exploring and trying new things, we also get to experience how other people live. Experiencing new things and other cultures expands our minds and gives us a new appreciation for our lives. 

The lessons learned from trying new things, and sometimes failing at them, teaches kids invaluable lessons they can apply to their lives in the future. Plus, it's just plain fun to be adventurous, right?! So if you are looking to foster a sense of adventure in your own little ones, here are ten fun ways to do just that!

  1. Create a summer bucket list (here's ours if you need inspiration for creating your own!)

  2. Encourage them to pursue their interests

  3. Let them see YOU trying new things 

  4. Read kids books with a travel focus

  5. Go on road trips (and let them help plan your stops!) 

  6. Create photo books of your vacations

  7. Get them a subscription to National Geographic Kids National Parks Edition

  8. Take them boating (ahem, kids really like this board! It's easy peasy!) 

  9. Create fun scavenger hunts for them

  10. Travel with them from the time they are young (the stress is well worth it!)

How do you foster adventure in your kids?!